Stanley Cup Prediction


Eastern Conference

1. Montreal Canadiens vs. 4. Ottawa Senators

2. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. 3. Tampa Bay Lightning

1. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 4. Columbus Blue Jackets

2. Washington Capitals vs. 3. New York Rangers

Western Conference

1. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 4. Dallas Stars

2. Nashville Predators vs. 3. St. Louis Blues

1. Anaheim Ducks vs. 4. Minnesota Wild

2. Edmonton Oilers vs. 3. Calgary Flames

Conference Finals

Canadiens over Penguins

Oilers over Predators

Stanley Cup Finals

Oilers over Canadiens

Central Division


1. Chicago Blackhawks

The deepest roster in the Western Conference should keep them in the conversation for Cup contenders.

2. Nashville Predators

Last years Cup run was no fluke. They’ll remain favorites to return.

3. St. Louis Blues

Plenty of talent to go around, but that salary cap is going to start collapsing on them.

4. Minnesota Wild

There’s plenty of fire power on offense, but do they have enough to stop opponents come playoff time?

5. Dallas Stars

A few major acquisitions has them knocking on the door of clinching a playoff berth.

6. Winnipeg Jets

Playing in a tough division has them remaining near the bottom of the conference.

7. Colorado Avalanche

They’ll need to decide soon who will remain for their inevitable roster rebuild. Continue reading

Stanley Cup Prediction



Eastern Conference

1. Washington Capitals vs. 4. Philadelphia Flyers

2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 3. New York Islanders

1. Florida Panthers vs. 4. New York Rangers

2. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. 3. Montreal Canadiens

Western Conference

1. St. Louis Blues vs. 4. Arizona Coyotes

2. Dallas Stars vs. 3. Chicago Blackhawks

1. Los Angeles Kings vs. 4. Nashville Predators

2. San Jose Sharks vs. 3. Anaheim Ducks

Conference Finals

Panthers over Islanders

Blues over Sharks

Stanley Cup Finals

Blues over Panthers

Central Division


1. St. Louis Blues

This is probably their last and best shot a hoisting the Cup with the current roster.

2. Dallas Stars

They are here to stay and make some noise.

3. Chicago Blackhawks

The salary cap is starting to slowly peel away at their roster.

4. Nashville Predators

Having P.K. Subban might bring a new influx of life into the team.

5. Minnesota Wild

Their scoring output is almost unmatched, but can they stop anyone from scoring?

6. Winnipeg Jets

They are not a spending spree kind of team and will have to rely on building from within.

7. Colorado Avalanche

The last minute departure of head coach Patrick Roy will set them back a bit. Continue reading

Stanley Cup Semifinals Preview



Eastern Conference

Metropolitan Division #2 vs. Metropolitan Division Winner

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals

Players to Watch: F Evgeni Malkin and F T.J. Oshie

Who Wins: Capitals in 6 games

Wild Card Team #1 vs. Atlantic Division #2

New York Islanders vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Players to Watch: F John Taveras and G Ben Bishop

Who Wins: Lightning in 7 games

Western Conference

Central Division #2 vs. Central Division Winner

St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

Players to Watch: F Vladimir Tarasenko and F Jamie Benn

Who Wins: Blues in 7 games

Wild Card Team #1 vs. Pacific Division #3

Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks

Players to Watch: D Shea Weber and F Joe Pavelski

Who Wins: Predators in 7 games