Week 17 Review of the NFL


It’s Been A While

The New York Giants took care of business and punched their ticket to the playoffs. They haven’t had a playoff appearance since 2016. There have been numerous failures along the way with Ben McAdoo, Pat Shurmur and Joe Judge being their head coaches for only two seasons each. In McAdoo’s case he didn’t finish his second season. Now with Brian Daboll as their head coach, there seems to be some semblance of balance. The defense has been good and the offense is impressive, but not amongst the most dynamic. That’s okay though as the results have the Giants in the playoffs. It will be good to see RB Saquon Barkley see some action in January.

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Week 15 Review of the NFL


That Shouldn’t Have Happened

I didn’t even realize it until the game was over. Matt Ryan was the losing quarterback of another epic collapse. He was the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons back when they blew a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51. Now he is apart of the biggest comeback win in NFL history with the Minnesota Vikings beating Ryan and the Indianapolis Colts in overtime. The Colts were winning 33-0 at halftime. I pretty much had written this game off when it was 30-0. The game was still on in the background, but I didn’t get back into it until I was made aware of the Vikings efforts when they were down by 8. Too many Matt Ryan 3 and outs and an awful display by the Colts defense are why the Vikings came back in this game. Minnesota also showed that they are a flawed team by the way they played in the first half. Either way the result of this game shouldn’t have happened.

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Week 8 Review of the NFL


Mid-Season Report

We have arrived at the halfway point of the NFL season. Here’s a brief rundown of who are contenders, outsiders and are planning for next season.

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Super Bowl Prediction


* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Buffalo Bills*

2. Cincinnati Bengals*

3. Kansas City Chiefs*

4. Tennessee Titans*

5. Los Angeles Chargers+

6. Baltimore Ravens+

7. Las Vegas Raiders+


1. Los Angeles Rams*

2. Green Bay Packers*

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers*

4. Philadelphia Eagles*

5. San Francisco 49ers+

6. New Orleans Saints+

7. Dallas Cowboys+

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