Recap of the Divisional Playoffs

Oh So Close

Atlanta had a pretty good opportunity to score the go-ahead touchdown, but it went right through the hands of Julio Jones. Continue reading “Recap of the Divisional Playoffs”


Week 14 Review of the NFL

Next Man Up

The worst fears happened for the Philadelphia Eagles after their impressive win over the Los Angeles Rams. Continue reading “Week 14 Review of the NFL”


Week 12 Review of the NFL

Better Than Expected

Usually the primetime games have been a snooze fest this year. Thankfully this wasn’t the case as I began to watch the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Continue reading “Week 12 Review of the NFL”


Week 11 Review of the NFL

It Shouldn’t Be This Easy

Most Eagles fans, well the honest ones, would have told you that their favorite football team would fail at some point this season. Continue reading “Week 11 Review of the NFL”