Week 9 Review of the NFL


Living Up To The Hype

If you wanted an offensive show, you got one this past Sunday. Continue reading


Super Bowl Prediction


* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Pittsburgh Steelers*

2. Jacksonville Jaguars*

3. New England Patriots*

4. Los Angeles Chargers*

5. Tennessee Titans+

6. Houston Texans+


1. Minnesota Vikings*

2. Los Angeles Rams*

3. Philadelphia Eagles*

4. New Orleans Saints*

5. Atlanta Falcons+

6. Detroit Lions+ Continue reading

NFC South


1. New Orleans Saints

A greater emphasis on running the ball meant the defense wasn’t going to be exposed to long drives by the opponent.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Two simple fixes; Julio Jones needs at least 8 touchdown catches and don’t ever make Vic Beasley a linebacker.

3. Carolina Panthers

Hiring Norv Turner as the offensive coordinator should fix all of their problems on offense.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is most likely the last hurrah for the current staff and possibly QB Jameis Winston. Continue reading