2017 MLB Trade Deadline Review

As with past deadline deals these will be highly scrutinized for many years. Instantly we see and decide who got the better end of the deal, but we really won’t know until at least two or three seasons down the road. The only way to know in real time is if the team getting the established major leaguer goes on to win a World Series. Time will tell if that happens this year with the flurry of names (a few marquee ones) being dealt this July. Continue reading “2017 MLB Trade Deadline Review”


2017 MLB All-Star Teams

For the 87th year of the Midsummer Classic, baseball turns its sights to Marlins Park in Miami, Florida. This will be the first MLB All-Star game played at the Miami Marlins new ballpark. It was first opened back in 2012. Now every year there is always a lot of discussion and some of it a little dated about how the teams are put together. No system will ever be perfect. Fans don’t always get it right and managers won’t either. The fact that the players are able to vote for participants was a great choice and they know who is deserving. Regardless of who should or shouldn’t be in the game lets just accept that the best players will always be involved one way or another. Here are my all-stars keeping with the rules that every team be represented and a total of 34 players for each league. Continue reading “2017 MLB All-Star Teams”

American League West

* – indicates new to team

1. Houston Astros

They are in it to win right now with the acquisitions of Beltran and McCann.

2. Texas Rangers

Their bullpen and top of the rotation give them a distinct advantage for a Wild Card spot.

3. Seattle Mariners

With the massive turnover of the roster, things will need to click right away for their playoff drought to end.

4. Los Angeles Angels

Everything i.e, health and player performance, has to go right for them to contend for a Wild Card spot.

5. Oakland Athletics

This will be another rebuilding year, but there are some interesting pieces coming from the minors very soon. Continue reading “American League West”