Stanley Cup Prediction


Eastern Conference

1. Carolina Hurricanes vs. 4. New York Rangers

2. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 3. Washington Capitals

1. Boston Bruins vs. 4. Florida Panthers

2. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. 3. Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference

1. Colorado Avalanche vs. 4. Winnipeg Jets

2. Minnesota Wild vs. 3. Dallas Stars

1. Vegas Golden Knights vs. 4. Edmonton Oilers

2. Calgary Flames vs. 3. Los Angeles Kings

Conference Finals

Hurricanes over Lightning

Avalanche over Kings

Stanley Cup Finals

Hurricanes over Avalanche

Week 12 Review of the NFL


Does This Fix The Problem?

So apparently the New York Jets have a quarterback controversy at the weirdest possible time. Heading into December this is not the time any team wants this to happen. For the Jets it seemed to be the right call after their win against the Chicago Bears. Now this doesn’t mean I’m jumping on the bandwagon. The Bears are not a good team. Even if their QB Justin Fields was able to play in the game, which he didn’t. However, QB Mike White who became a folk hero last season, completed 22 of his 28 passes for 315 yards and threw for 3 touchdowns. Zach Wilson, the former number two overall pick, has started 7 games this season and had only thrown 4 touchdown passes. Again, I’m not jumping on the Jets bandwagon, but this could have solved a huge problem.

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Week 9 Review of the NFL


A Statement Was Made In The AFC East

Normally the Buffalo Bills are the ones making a statement in their own division. That wasn’t the case this past week as the New York Jets made a statement with their home victory over the Bills. New York’s quarterback Zach Wilson is doing enough to get points on the board, but the Jets defense has been playing great of late. There is beginning to be a sense of optimism growing within the Jets franchise and it is starting with their head coach Robert Saleh. At this moment the Jets are looking more and more like a playoff team and that is something no one expected when this season began.

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Week 8 Review of the NFL


Mid-Season Report

We have arrived at the halfway point of the NFL season. Here’s a brief rundown of who are contenders, outsiders and are planning for next season.

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Week 6 Review of the NFL


Well Worth My Time

This was the first game of the season that I can honestly say I could rewatch and look forward to it. While it wasn’t what their Divisional Round matchup was last year it didn’t disappoint. The Buffalo Bills have earned the early edge of being the best team in the AFC after their win against the Kansas City Chiefs. Bills QB Josh Allen threw a dart to TE Dawson Knox for the game winning touchdown and he solidified himself as an early favorite for the MVP award. Health is always going to be a concern for any contender, but it especially will factor in for Buffalo. Their defense is without Micah Hyde and Tre’Davious White, although White should be returning at some point this season. Hyde was lost for the year a few weeks ago. Kansas City was in it the whole way, but the turnover bug bit them with Patrick Mahomes throwing two interceptions and they never established the running game once again. This could be a rematch later in the year in January, but for now Buffalo showed they are going to be a tough team to beat.

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