Week 10 Review of the NFL

They’re Not Slowing Down

So far this season, the Saints have been held to less than 30 points twice. The Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens were the opponents. Continue reading “Week 10 Review of the NFL”


NFC North

1. Minnesota Vikings

They invested over $80 million in Kirk Cousins and the Vikings expect a nice return.

2. Detroit Lions

A new voice on the sidelines might just be what this team needs to finally win consistently.

3. Green Bay Packers

As evidenced by last years performance, this team needs QB Aaron Rodgers to be healthy the entire year.

4. Chicago Bears

An up and coming offensive minded head coach with an already established defense? This sounds very similar to the 2017 LA Rams. Continue reading “NFC North”

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers

Aside from a shortage of reliable pass-rushers, this team doesn’t have many flaws with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

2. Minnesota Vikings

A full offseason with Sam Bradford will do wonders for some cohesiveness on offense.

3. Detroit Lions

As long as Matthew Stafford stays on his feet, the Lions can’t be counted out of winning games.

4. Chicago Bears

With everything that went wrong last year, there’s still some hope that with a little luck they could get to that .500 mark. Continue reading “NFC North”

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers

They weren’t Super Bowl contenders last year and that could be in large part due to the injury to WR Jordy Nelson.

2. Minnesota Vikings

The defense is right where it needs to be. They made some offensive upgrades that will keep them in contention with Green Bay.

3. Chicago Bears

2015 was a solid year for Jay Cutler and the Bears defense. Lets see if they can repeat that.

4. Detroit Lions

They will realize pretty quickly that not having Calvin Johnson will hurt more than they’re letting on.

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