Week 13 Review of the NFL


They’re Fine, Relax

All the memes about how Tom Brady is an old man are pretty funny, but if you think for a moment that the New England Patriots won’t be contenders for the Super Bowl this year, you’re kidding yourself. Continue reading

Week 9 Review of the NFL


Their First Test

By most observers the New England Patriots have had a rather easy ride to an 8-0 start. The only game that they were in any danger of losing was in Buffalo where the final score was 16-10. Continue reading

Week 8 Review of the NFL


Mid-Season Report

We have arrived at the halfway point of the NFL season. Here’s a brief rundown of who are contenders, outsiders and are planning for next season. Continue reading

Super Bowl Prediction


* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Kansas City Chiefs*

2. New England Patriots*

3. Cleveland Browns*

4. Houston Texans*

5. Los Angeles Chargers+

6. Pittsburgh Steelers+


1. New Orleans Saints*

2. Los Angeles Rams*

3. Dallas Cowboys*

4. Chicago Bears*

5. Philadelphia Eagles+

6. Minnesota Vikings+ Continue reading

AFC East


1. New England Patriots

The quintessential kings of this division will easily finish in first place for the 11th straight season.

2. New York Jets

Their spending spree netted them one of the best running backs in the league and a middle linebacker entering the prime of his career.

3. Buffalo Bills

This is Josh Allen’s team and the second year pro looks primed to take the next step in his maturation.

4. Miami Dolphins

Seeing a franchise with a long storied history begin to go through a rebuild is painful to watch. Continue reading