“His brain acts as some sort of scanner. Once he reads something, it’s there.” Wes the Sports Guy brings a unique approach to sports coverage with an opinionated and analytical view. You will be hard pressed to put anything past him, from the most minute statistic to some of the greatest moments from any sport. He got his start at a college radio station, KLBC 1610 AM at Long Beach City College. While there he put sports on the map with the first broadcasts of baseball, football and softball. His radio show, ‘Talkin’ Sports with Wes the Sports Guy’, was a name sake for over three years. He spent one year as the play-by-play voice of the now defunct independent baseball team, the Long Beach Armada. Since his days at KLBC he has been a freelance writer and started his own production company, WesSportsGuy Productions. You won’t get a politically correct, nonsensical or overly dramatic point of view. He tells it like it is and he won’t put up with any of the usual crap. He’s a fan just like you and he believes he knows exactly what fans want in a sports site.

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