Week 16 Review of the NFL


Win And You’re In

The final game of the regular season is shaping up to be a winner take all matchup. The Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans will play in the night cap which should be worth the watch. Continue reading


Super Bowl Prediction


* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Pittsburgh Steelers*

2. Jacksonville Jaguars*

3. New England Patriots*

4. Los Angeles Chargers*

5. Tennessee Titans+

6. Houston Texans+


1. Minnesota Vikings*

2. Los Angeles Rams*

3. Philadelphia Eagles*

4. New Orleans Saints*

5. Atlanta Falcons+

6. Detroit Lions+ Continue reading

AFC South


1. Jacksonville Jaguars

With most of the league trending towards lighting up the scoreboard, they went the opposite direction and almost made it to the Super Bowl.

2. Tennessee Titans

A surprising Wild Card victory last year for some reason led to a coaching change, but most of what was built remains intact.

3. Houston Texans

If QB Deshaun Watson remains healthy for a full season, there’s no telling what the Texans are capable of accomplishing.

4. Indianapolis Colts

QB Andrew Luck is back and the Colts finally have a good offensive line in front of him. Continue reading