Week 14 Review of the NFL

Somehow It Worked

Usually when you see a team about to attempt the impossible on the last play of a game, it’s the most exciting and comical moment of the game. Continue reading “Week 14 Review of the NFL”


AFC East

1. New England Patriots

As long as Tom Brady keeps playing, count on them winning this division.

2. Buffalo Bills

Going in a different direction at QB could set them back, but that defense is still solid.

3. Miami Dolphins

A lot is riding on the health of QB Ryan Tannehill and their defense didn’t really improve.

4. New York Jets

The future will be in the hands of another USC standout at QB. Sam Darnold is not what Mark Sanchez was. Continue reading “AFC East”

AFC East

1. New England Patriots

Hard to imagine the Patriots not making another appearance in the AFC Championship game.

2. Miami Dolphins

Even without Ryan Tannehill, they’re still good enough to make another trip to the playoffs.

3. Buffalo Bills

They’ve hit the reset button once again with changes in the front office and the coaching staff.

4. New York Jets

With no clear cut franchise quarterback, they will be playing for one in the 2018 NFL Draft. Continue reading “AFC East”