Stanley Cup Prediction


*Because of lockdown madness, the 2020-21 NHL season will have the four divisions playing against each other in their regions. This is a breakdown of my prediction for the Stanley Cup Playoff participants for the 2020-21 season. The top 4 teams from each division will play each other in the first two rounds. Then what would be the Conference Finals, the four remaining teams will be ranked 1-4 on their regular season point totals. The one-seed will play the fourth-seed and the second-seed will play the third-seed.

East Division

1. Philadelphia Flyers vs. 4. New York Rangers

2. Boston Bruins vs. 3. New York Islanders

Central Division

1. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. 4. Columbus Blue Jackets

2. Dallas Stars vs. 3. Carolina Hurricanes

North Division

1. Vancouver Canucks vs. 4. Edmonton Oilers

2. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. 3. Calgary Flames

West Division

1. Colorado Avalanche vs. 4. Minnesota Wild

2. Vegas Golden Knights vs. 3. St. Louis Blues

Conference Finals

1. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. 4. New York Rangers

2. Colorado Avalanche vs. 3. Vancouver Canucks

Stanley Cup Final

Lightning over Avalanche

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