AFC West


1. Denver Broncos

Their QB play will be about the same as it was last year, but their success hinges on the defensive side and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

2. Oakland Raiders

A few more tweaks should have them contending for a Wild Card spot this year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

They’ll contend for the division title, but Oakland is right up there with them to challenge Denver.

4. San Diego Chargers

They can’t be any worse than last years team. WR Keenan Allen playing all year long will help QB Philip Rivers a lot.

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AFC South


1. Houston Texans

They believe they have found their QB in Brock Osweiler. Now it’s time to go out and prove it.

2. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts success relies on whether Andrew Luck will avoid a repeat of the 2015 debacle.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Was last season just a fluke? For Gus Bradley’s job security it better not be.

4. Tennessee Titans

Having two workhorse running backs to go with QB Marcus Mariota is a great start to their rebuilding plan.

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AFC North


1. Pittsburgh Steelers

From top to bottom this is one of the best teams that Mike Tomlin has ever had in Pittsburgh.

2. Cincinnati Bengals

If Andy Dalton can stay healthy for the playoffs, maybe they can make some noise in January.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Keeping key players healthy (namely their QB Joe Flacco) will determine their success this year.

4. Cleveland Browns

With the Cavaliers bringing the city a championship, the Browns have a shining example to follow.

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AFC East


1. New England Patriots

Even with Tom Brady out the first 4 games, winning 12 games still seems doable for them.

2. New York Jets

Bringing in Matt Forte means the Jets offense have another weapon in the passing attack.

3. Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor is being paid like a franchise QB, but is there enough around him to get Buffalo into the playoffs?

4. Miami Dolphins

Adam Gase has been hired to turn around this once proud franchise’s fortunes.

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