AFC West


1. Denver Broncos

With a shored up defense Denver is ready for another trip to the Super Bowl.

2. San Diego Chargers

After a rough start they clinched a playoff spot and look to build on that this year.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

They’re a solid team with Jamaal Charles and a great defense.

4. Oakland Raiders

With all that cap space they made some solid moves, but this division won’t be kind to them. Continue reading

AFC South


1. Indianapolis Colts

The class of the division by far with the possibility of getting a first round bye.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Having them finish this high isn’t out of the question. It doesn’t mean they are playoff contenders though.

3. Houston Texans

Getting back to basics is what they need and a new coaching staff will do just that.

4. Tennessee Titans

It’s a transition year with a new coach, new defense and no CJ2k. Continue reading

AFC North


1. Baltimore Ravens

This will be their last chance to stay ahead of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati with this current roster.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Time to get back to running the ball and rushing the passer in the Steel City.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Three straight years of playoff disappointments eventually take their toll.

4. Cleveland Browns

With all of the Manziel hype this team has a chance to succeed if ownership gets out of the way. Continue reading

AFC East


1. New England Patriots

Tom Brady will be 37 this season and the division is improving. Time for another title run.

2. New York Jets

If last year wasn’t a make or break season, 2014 certainly is.

3. Miami Dolphins

Bullying, a lackluster offense were just two issues that should be resolved this year.

4. Buffalo Bills

With improvement at QB the Bills could be sneaky good. Continue reading