Week 8 Review of the NFL



There’s No Life In The Midway

To take a beating like that takes a lot of something. I don’t know what you would call it, but use your imagination. These aren’t your fathers Chicago Bears. They are not good defensively and almost as bad offensively. I figured Jay Cutler wouldn’t be worse playing in Chicago, but it sure is looking that way. The Bears are heavily invested in him going forward and they have stay with him unless there is a huge shakeup in the coaching staff. I don’t see the Bears doing that at the end of the season with their massive amount of injuries, but they need to turn this around fast. Green Bay and Detroit are starting to pull away and if the Bears want to stay as playoff contenders they’ll need a better strategy against their opponents.


There’s No Running In Football

What Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger did pretty much proves that this is a passing league. Even when they were both trying to establish the run, they ended up passing the ball. It also didn’t help that the Colts were down big for most of the game. They had to pass the ball to get back in it and Roethlisberger didn’t have to pass, but was able to for the entire game. Craziest stat is that Big Ben is now the only quarterback, yes the only one to throw for over 500 yards in two games. You never would have thought a Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback would have that stat. That’s enough proof that the NFL has become a passing league.


Wanted: A Franchise Quarterback

Priority number one going forward for the New York Jets is getting a franchise quarterback. It doesn’t matter if they find one in the draft, a trade or in free agency, but they are in desperate need of one. It won’t matter if you trade for a receiver like Percy Harvin if you don’t have a reliable quarterback to get him the ball. That was proven in an embarrassing performance against division rival Buffalo. Never have I seen a team play so poorly with two quarterbacks in the same game. Usually when you sub-in the backup there is some life brought to the team. That wasn’t the case when Geno Smith was benched for Michael Vick. For the Jets they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It was also mean the beginning of the end for head coach Rex Ryan.

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