Week 7 Review of the NFL



Something Is Wrong In Seattle

Are they not running the ball enough with Marshawn Lynch? Probably. Is Russell Wilson not doing enough in the passing game? Maybe. Is that ‘attitude’ they had last year now gone? Most definitely. It isn’t a time to panic for the defending champions. This kind of thing was bound to happen. It happens to all of them. It only seems worse after losing to the lowly St. Louis Rams just after trading away WR Percy Harvin. Did that have some kind of effect on their psyche? It sure looked that way. How do you fall for two special teams trick plays? They allowed a punt return for a touchdown and the Rams converted on a 4th down fake punt pass late in the game to essential defeat Seattle. There are some issues with personnel. The offensive line isn’t the same and they have some inconsistencies on defense. They can’t be counted out yet, but losing two straight will raise some eyebrows.


‘Who Dat?’ No Who Are They?

It’s pretty much over in my mind. Yes, I predicted the New Orleans Saints to represent the NFC in this years Super Bowl before the season started. That prediction is turning to crap in a hurry. Why am I proclaiming that it’s over? Because the Saints had a 13-point lead with just under 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter against the Lions. Credit to Detroit for not giving up, but that was a sorry display by the Saints. It sounds like I’m piling on, but it’s warranted. Once again when you can’t run the football consistently you count too much on Drew Brees to throw when it isn’t necessary. He threw and it resulted in a late interception that setup the Lions for the game winning touchdown. It has quickly become a lost season for the Saints, but they have no one to blame but themselves.


All By Himself

Yes, he will own almost every single passing record whenever he decides to retire. That doesn’t mean we can’t revel in the fact that he is making it look so easy. The defenses he has had to compete against in his career are among the best that this current generation have seen. Some in that generation are considered to be among the best of all time. Peyton Manning has made them all look like a high school JV team. Quite remarkable to think that his career was in question with that neck injury a few years back. His touchdown count is at 513 and counting. Could this get to 600? There is nothing stopping him from getting there.

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