2014 World Series Champions



I sometimes hate being right, but when I see it coming I won’t hold back. Give all the credit in the world to the Kansas City Royals who should be considered contenders for many years. As long as they continue to develop their players and build from within they will continue to sneak up on some people. As for the Giants they just had too much of everything. The timely hitting. The key cogs in the bullpen and of course the MVP performance of Madison Bumgarner. The whole time I’m thinking how awful Dodgers fans must feel seeing Bumgarner do what Clayton Kershaw should have been doing.

Everyone knows by now that he has the lowest World Series ERA in baseball history with a minimum 25 innings pitched in his career in the fall classic. His 0.43 ERA in this years World Series was something to marvel at. This isn’t overhyping it, it’s just stating the fact that we haven’t seen this. Not since the turn of the 20th century. I’m talking 1900s folks. To top it off he saved Game 7 with a 5-inning show of just pure stuff. The Royals had no answer for him. They threatened late with 2-outs, but couldn’t capitalize.

As a matter of fact the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals couldn’t figure him out. Only the Washington Nationals could with his only loss of the entire postseason. This series obviously couldn’t have been successful without scoring some runs. Pablo Sandoval made history by getting 26 hits in the postseason, the most anyone has had in a single postseason year. Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt were consistent RBI machines with a total of 8 each. Michael Morse had a few big hits during the postseason run. Even Joe Panik and Brandon Crawford, two solid defenders at second and short respectively were great in key spots.

It all came together for the Giants and they are champions for the third time in the last five seasons. Baseballs trend of building from within and making key moves here and there in trades and free agency is becoming the norm. No longer is it considered successful to spend and go all-in for one or two seasons. You have to have a long-term plan and stick by it to the end. The Giants brain trust has that kind of backing from ownership where other organizations don’t have that kind of luxury. Consider this team a contender for many more years even if they aren’t able to keep Pablo Sandoval.

Congratulations to the 2014 World Series Champions.

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