Week 10 Review of the NFL


They Listened

The Kansas City Chiefs finally put it altogether. From all the noise of everyone giving their two cents on what’s wrong with them. What they should do to fix it. Will they finally do something about that defense? Well, we got the answer on Sunday night in Las Vegas. They were methodical and took what the Raiders defense gave them. No big plays until the defense adjusted and QB Patrick Mahomes took advantage and let loose. They ran the ball consistently and even their running back Darrell Williams had over 100 yards receiving in the game. This isn’t a case of the Chiefs being back. In simple terms they just realized what defense’s were doing and made the necessary adjustments. Now let’s see if they do that for two weeks in a row.

Good Timing For A Bye Week

In their last two games the Los Angeles Rams have looked no where near the Super Bowl contender that we expect them to be. Even with the recent acquisitions of LB Von Miller and WR Odell Beckham Jr., they were still contenders to play in February. However, after seeing them against Tennessee and San Francisco they don’t look like they belong in the conversation. The Titans defense made QB Matthew Stafford think he was still playing in Detroit. San Francisco ran the ball down the defense’s throat and what made matters worse is that the Rams knew it was coming and couldn’t slow them down. This doesn’t bode well for the players, but more so for the coaching staff. Head coach Sean McVay was heavily criticized for his Super Bowl performance a few years back when they only scored 3 points. That criticism is quickly coming back and the timing of this bye week couldn’t have been more perfect. When they return they better have made some adjustments and get back to what was working in the first half of the season.

Look Out, Behind Ya

While I predicted another missed playoff appearance for the New England Patriots at the beginning of the season. I did expect them to be better than they were last season. That is becoming more and more prudent as the season has gone on. They’ve won four consecutive games and will likely win their fifth on Thursday against the Atlanta Falcons. Now in those four wins they did play the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers. Not exactly Super Bowl contenders. The other two were against the Los Angeles Chargers and most recently the Cleveland Browns. Most of their victories have been in large part due to the defense and from top to bottom they are among the best in the league this year. QB Mac Jones doesn’t look like a rookie most times and they are running the ball with a variation of three different backs. It’s a typical Bill Belichick type of team and they are on the heels of the Buffalo Bills not to mention a Wild Card spot.

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