Week 11 Review of the NFL


An Unusual Night Cap

I’ve joked for many years that the former San Diego and now Los Angeles Chargers should be referred to as the ‘Chokin’ Chargers. With good reason as a stat came across the screen during their Sunday night game against Pittsburgh said they had blown the most leads in the NFL over the last decade. Another stat was shown that the Pittsburgh Steelers had never won a game in their franchise’s history when they were down by two touchdowns going into the 4th quarter. You see where I’m going? In the end history did not repeat itself nor did it change in the process. The Steelers ended up losing with a busted coverage that left Chargers WR Mike Williams wide open for the winning touchdown. Chargers QB Justin Herbert had a great game on the primetime stage. These two are playoff contenders, but Pittsburgh has more issues than they want to admit.

A Curious Case

I don’t know what to make of the Minnesota Vikings. Their offense is among the best in the league and their defense isn’t the worst, but they manage to make things more difficult for themselves this season. Their win this last week against division leader Green Bay was a big one as it keeps them in the playoff hunt. Yet, I don’t feel confident that they can keep this momentum going. Their next opponent is San Francisco who is playing better of late. They do have another matchup with Green Bay and Detroit plus two against Chicago. Pittsburgh and the LA Rams come to town to play them in December. As it stands this Vikings team should be in as a Wild Card team, but will they end up shooting themselves in the foot i.e, their kicking game like many times before.

Was I Wrong?

I’d like to think that I wasn’t wrong to have predicted them to be in the Super Bowl this year. This is the most talented team in Buffalo since their four consecutive Super Bowl appearances. While they didn’t punch their ticket in last year in the AFC Championship game I felt they would take that and run with it this year. They have shown at times that they will, but with QB Josh Allen the turnover bug has reared its ugly head. This last loss to the Indianapolis Colts was an embarrassing one as RB Jonathan Taylor had 5 total touchdowns and solidified himself as one of the best running backs in the league. If the Bills defeat New Orleans on Thanksgiving they put themselves in good position for their matchup with New England on Monday night the following week. Their schedule isn’t the toughest in the league, but if they defeat the Patriots in one or both of their games then they will be fine after New Years.

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