Week 9 Review of the NFL


Expect The Unexpected

In this day and age you have to play every game like it is a playoff game. Any NFL team can beat you and make you look like you don’t belong. That’s pretty much what happened with the Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Buffalo Bills. It wasn’t an impressive win for Jacksonville. They certainly didn’t take control of the entire game from start to finish. They did more than Buffalo to eventually win it. QB Josh Allen probably had his worst game since his rookie year. The turnover bug got him good this week and that trend will need to stop. Luckily for the Bills this kind of game happened now and not at the end of the season. Yet, this cannot happen again if they want to challenge for supremacy in the AFC.

Didn’t See That Happening

While I didn’t expect the Tennessee Titans to roll over with the loss of RB Derrick Henry. I didn’t think they would come out of the gate dominating on both sides against their first opponent since Henry’s injury. That opponent happened to be the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night. There were moments in the first half where the Rams could have taken control or kept themselves in close proximity. Tennessee just didn’t allow that to happen. QB Matthew Stafford had his worst game of the season and Titans QB Ryan Tannehill was in complete control of the offense. The Titans defense was the star of the game and are proving their previous struggles in the pass rush are no more. This was a telling game for both teams, but more so for the Titans.

Gonna Eat Some Crow

Yes, I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan. Yes, I picked them to play in the Super Bowl and yes I predicted them to win it. This was before the season started mind you. Health was always going to be an issue with them, but that goes for every team. What’s been happening with this team is a lack of consistency. It showed this last week against Arizona. The division leader in the NFC West, Arizona was going to play without QB Kyler Murray and WR DeAndre Hopkins. While I’d stop short of guaranteeing a win for the 49ers, this was a good sign for them. Yet, in the end they laid an egg as backup QB Colt McCoy was playing like his college days at Texas against Texas Tech. This was the season defining game for the Niners. A lackluster offense that had two drives mired in turnovers and a defense with no identity and an absent pass rush. Time is quickly running out for them to contend for a Wild Card spot, but at this point I’d rather they miss it altogether.

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