Week 16 Review of the NFL


Win And You’re In

The final game of the regular season is shaping up to be a winner take all matchup. The Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans will play in the night cap which should be worth the watch. The Colts are having a much improved season with the return of Andrew Luck at quarterback. The Titans have been up and down this year, but RB Derrick Henry has been a force lately. Both teams defenses’ have shown signs of being great units this year. Hopefully what you see on paper actually lives up to the games expectations.

One More Chance

With the latest disappointing loss the Pittsburgh Steelers now need a little help from a division rival. They need the Cleveland Browns to defeat the Baltimore Ravens to have a shot at the playoffs. Obviously Pittsburgh needs to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals as well, but if you have to count on Cleveland for your playoff spot that’s pretty dicey. For the 2018 season the Steelers will certainly have the game against the Oakland Raiders as one that they should have never lost. If they had won that game this scenario would be reversed and Baltimore would need some help. Alas with this unusual season there were many teams who were a disappointment. Not just the one in Pittsburgh.

Could It Happen Again?

It’s not a given that the Chicago Bears will defeat the Minnesota Vikings, but that’s what the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles need to happen if they want to defend their title. The Eagles should be able to defeat the Washington Redskins, but if they end up losing then it’s over regardless. If this works in their favor it will be almost unthinkable to say that the Eagles are going to repeat what they did last year. Instead of having home field advantage like they did last year, they’ll have to play all of their playoff games on the road this year. If they do clinch a playoff spot, anything is possible. Including making another trip to the Super Bowl.

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