Week 15 Review of the NFL


Lets Go For Two

They were down by 14 points in the fourth quarter. Surely the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win this game and not let the Los Angeles Chargers make a ferocious comeback. Not every well thought plan comes to fruition and the Chiefs ended up seeing that 14-point lead disappear and the Chargers did the rare thing and decided to go for the win on a two point conversion. I honestly wish teams, whether they’re at home or away go for two more often. The criticism if you fail will be immense, but you’re always a genius when it works. Take a chance and don’t always rely on the kicker.

Can They Do It Again?

Last year Eagles QB Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL at the end of the regular season and their backup Nick Foles stepped up. He was a huge reason why the franchise ended up winning their first Super Bowl title. This year Carson Wentz has been shutdown due to a back injury and again Nick Foles steps into the spotlight. It started when the Eagles played the Los Angeles Rams last year and it so happens that the quarterback switch was made against the Rams this year. The Eagles ended up outplaying the Rams for most of the contest and have shown that you count exactly count out the defending champions just yet.

No One Wants To Play Them

The NFC North has been clinched by the Chicago Bears for the first time since 2010. It seemed fitting that they accomplished the feat against their division rival the Green Bay Packers. While they aren’t the most explosive offensive team in the league, they do quite a bit to give their opponents fits. Tarik Cohen is a dynamic runner and pass catcher that no one can tackle in the open field. Of course with any discussion about the Bears you have to mention that their defense is outstanding and can match up with just about any offense. Just ask the Rams how good the Bears are. Whomever they play in the playoffs will have a hell of a time trying to beat them.

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