Week 8 Review of the NFL



Here We Go Again

A tie game can obviously be misleading. The allusion could be that both teams were just that bad and didn’t have any opportunities to pull ahead and win the game. With the Bengals and Redskins playing in London that wasn’t the case. It was actually an entertaining game that went back and forth with them exchanging leads. Cincinnati was driving in overtime, then fumbled on 3rd down. Washington after recovering the fumble attempted the winning field goal, but missed to the left. I didn’t like that the game ended in a tie, but at least it was far more interesting to watch than the Seattle – Arizona debacle the week before.


Quite The Barnburner

When Green Bay and Atlanta face each other, you can bet that it will be a high scoring affair. Sure enough Aaron Rodgers was back to his usual self throwing for 246 yards and tallying 4 touchdown passes. Matt Ryan threw for 3 touchdown passes and 288 yards without Julio Jones who was banged up for most of the game. The one mistake that was made is the Packers scoring too quickly and leaving too much time on the clock for Matt Ryan to drive down the field and score the game wining touchdown to Mohamed Sanu. Turns out that they don’t need Julio Jones to win a game. That shouldn’t be the trend going forward, but the Falcons have some added confidence.


Yeah, He’s Good

Yes, if you attempt 59 passes you will most likely have an amazing day passing the ball. Derek Carr did throwing for 513 yards and 4 touchdowns, including the game winning one in overtime. Having Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree isn’t a bad combination to have and the offensive line in front of Carr is one of the best in the league. If you’re wondering the reason why the Raiders are 6-2, look no further than Derek Carr. He is that good and quickly becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

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