Super Bowl Prediction



* – Division Winner

+ – Wild Card Winner


1. Indianapolis Colts*

2. New England Patriots*

3. Pittsburgh Steelers*

4. Denver Broncos*

5. Miami Dolphins+

6. Baltimore Ravens+


1. Green Bay Packers*

2. Seattle Seahawks*

3. Dallas Cowboys*

4. Carolina Panthers*

5. Arizona Cardinals+

6. Philadelphia Eagles+

Wild Card

Steelers over Ravens

Broncos over Dolphins

Cowboys over Eagles

Cardinals over Panthers

Divisional Round

Colts over Broncos

Patriots over Steelers

Packers over Cardinals

Cowboys over Seahawks

Championship Round

Colts over Patriots

Packers over Cowboys

Super Bowl 50

Colts over Packers

The NFL is doing away with roman numerals and going with a traditional look for the 50th Super Bowl. They will put out all the stops for the festivities I’m sure when the game is played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Wouldn’t it be fitting that two quarterbacks who went to colleges in the general vicinity of the stadium play against each other? Andrew Luck attended Stanford University and Aaron Rodgers attended California University. Both schools are rivals and this would pit a current star in the league in Rodgers against an up and coming superstar in Luck. The Colts have gradually progressed to the next round of the playoffs in each year since drafting Andrew Luck in 2012. This would get them over the hump with an appearance in the Super Bowl. The Packers would be looking for their second title with Rodgers at the helm and they were one onside kick away from making an appearance in last years game. Ultimately this one will go to the Colts who will have a multitude of options for Luck. Rodgers will be without his number one target in Jordy Nelson for the entire year, but the Packers are very good and will be hard to defeat with home field advantage. Super Bowl 50 will be no different than all the others and should provide an exciting matchup.

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