Week 13 Review of the NFL



It Wasn’t Pretty, But A Win’s A Win

Normally I refer to the San Diego Chargers as the Chokin’ Chargers, but that doesn’t apply to them after their late comeback victory against the Baltimore Ravens. Scoring 21 points in the fourth quarter doesn’t qualify as being labeled a choking team. That’s in their history, especially with Philip Rivers as their quarterback. It’s not Rivers’ fault, but it has been apart of their history with him at the helm. Now they got some help with the Ravens lackluster offense late in the game, but what matters is you take advantage of your opponents mistakes. With a stacked AFC this year every game matters for the Chargers. I don’t expect them to get past Denver for the division title, but they could easily get a wild card spot just like last year. They’re sneaky good and they could prevent me from ever calling them the Chokin’ Chargers again.


Things Could Get Worse

Things have been worse and they could be if the 49ers don’t make the playoffs this year. Why do I say that? Because this whole operation could be blown up if they don’t. The 49ers recent run of success can be attributed to their head coach Jim Harbaugh. And their recent run of inconsistencies can be brought back to him as well. The players, some it seems, have turned on Harbaugh and it has become a poisonous atmosphere. From the owner’s standpoint if the players aren’t playing to their potential then the head coach must be to blame. From Harbaugh’s standpoint the players have to go. At least the ones that aren’t on the same page with him. Things could boil over in a hurry if they are not playing football in January or February for that matter. The month of December is an important time for them as they look to salvage what was considered a Super Bowl contending team.


Robert Griffin’s Downfall

I like many had my doubts about the long term success of Robert Griffin. He certainly proved himself in college at Baylor winning the Heisman trophy in his last year there. When he was selected with the second overall pick, just behind Andrew Luck, the Washington Redskins felt they had a franchise quarterback. What was even stranger at the time was the hype that the Colts should have considered taking Griffin ahead of Luck. That sounds ludicrous now, but it was at that time for me. Either way Griffin had a great time in his first season and his first game for that matter. After that game where he threw for over 300 yards against the New Orleans Saints I immediately began to think that he could succeed and have a long lasting career. His horrible knee injury in the playoff game against Seattle set him back quite a bit, but that shouldn’t have been his downfall. The Redskins for some reason just gave up on him. A lot of the players gave up on him too and two coaching staffs did as well. This shouldn’t be the end for him. He should be able to find a new home somewhere and prove once again that he is here to stay.

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