Week 14 Review of the NFL



Peaking At The Right Time

There’s a saying that ‘it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish’. The Seattle Seahawks are doing just that considering how rocky of a start they had this season. In their recent streak they’ve beaten Arizona, San Francisco and this past week they beat Philadelphia. What is the surprising part about this is they’re doing this without much of a passing game. The modern NFL is all about passing the ball and Seattle runs first, second and third and will only pass if they have to. Russell Wilson will make something out of nothing when he’s disrupted in the pocket. He’s better than any quarterback in the league when it comes to his scrambling ability and it drives defenses’ bonkers. Seattle’s success this season will be determined on whether they can clinch the division when Arizona had it in the bag a few weeks ago.


No More Hoyer

With the announcement that Brian Hoyer will no longer be the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns that means that all eyes and the pressure will be put on Johnny Manziel to get the Browns into the playoffs. They still have a realistic chance, but they need a lot of help. Essentially the Browns need to win their last three games to have a chance. Can Manziel do it? We’ll find out I guess. Cleveland’s defense has been really good this year, but the offense has been inconsistent of late. Hoyer did a good job of not forcing throws into double coverage for most of the season, but has been dreadful the last few weeks. Which is why he’s lost his starting job. Hoyer will probably move on to another team next season, but unless Manziel is dreadful in his short time as the starter, Hoyer might be kept around to give Johnny more time. Regardless this will be a very interesting situation to watch in Cleveland.


One Horrible Division

I said for many years that the NFC East was a toss up as to who would show up when two teams played each other. Now I can say the same for the NFC South. The Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all awful this year. There’s no other way to describe them. Seeing the Saints get punched in the mouth at home by the Panthers this past weekend was all the evidence I needed. Figuring the Panthers would not have much of a chance in the dome, they actually took it to the Saints who appeared to have my same line of thinking. Not sure what the hell happened with this division, but it’s amazing to think that two teams are 5-8 and one is 4-8-1. Those three teams are still playoff hopefuls for the division title. A pretty crappy year if you ask me.

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