Week 12 Review of the NFL



Close But No Dice

If they had won the game the Miami Dolphins would be sitting pretty. Alas they didn’t thanks to Peyton Manning getting back into a groove of sorts in the second half. Also it helped that the Broncos defense finally made some stops when they needed to. Denver should be counting their lucky stars. If they had lost the game it would have been their third loss in their last four games. Not good if you want to wipe away any memories of last years debacle in the Super Bowl. Miami gave them a good wake up call. The Dolphins are no push over this year, but they shouldn’t have been as dominant as they were considering how good Peyton Manning is which goes without saying. The Broncos main concern now is their health and whether or not they can start a new winning streak on their way to Kansas City next Sunday.


Celebrate A Rare Victory

Go ahead and celebrate a victory if you’re the Oakland Raiders. There probably won’t be many more of them this year. They’ve already fired their head coach and the direction is clouded at best. Also their future in Oakland is a bit murky with the rumblings of a possible move shocking as it might sound from an organization that’s been in so much turmoil the last few decades. Even with their first victory the Raiders don’t have a lot to be happy about. They’ve had no running game to speak all year and when it seemed that they might have a secret weapon, he goes down with a concussion. That would be Latavius Murray who had a 90-yard touchdown run against the Chiefs. Derek Carr has looked good through stretches, but doesn’t have many reliable targets to throw to. If they clean house in the front office along with the rest of the coaching staff then they’ll be back to square one with a new regime struggling to “just win baby”.


Yeah, He Caught That

No really, he caught that football. It doesn’t happen often when a play in any sport makes you stop what you’re doing to watch it over and over again. This was one of those plays. Odell Beckham Jr. is his name and the New York Giants seem to be happy they drafted him with their first round pick this past year. Now this catch doesn’t mean much in the eyes of Beckham or his team because they lost to their rival the Dallas Cowboys. This still has to be mentioned as one of the best catches in recent memory. Falling backwards, catching the ball with one hand and pulling into your body with that same hand resulting in a touchdown. Unfreaking believable.

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