Week 11 Review of the NFL



Desert Swarm

Are they worthy of a playoff spot? Absolutely. Is there any chance of them getting to a Super Bowl? Sure, I guess. In the modern day NFL, anything is possible. Seeing a backup quarterback lead a team to the Super Bowl has happened before. Biggest example is Kurt Warner for the St. Louis Rams. Is Drew Stanton as good as Warner? No way. He does have some good receivers and an elusive back, but no where near what the Rams had with Warner. For me the biggest reason the Cardinals would have another shot at a Super Bowl is if their defense continues to play a pressure style. They constantly attack no matter the situation. Most of their games are on the road the rest of the year. The jury is still out on whether they can pass that test with Stanton as opposed to having Carson Palmer as their quarterback.


Discount Double Stats

Those State Farm commercials with Aaron Rodgers are hilarious. But that’s not why the Packers are having so much success. Rodgers is that rare breed of quarterback that has had a pretty bad offensive line in front of him for most of his career. Yet he still manages to put up amazing stats and has already won a Super Bowl. Green Bay has figured that the line will sort itself out and the priority was to get Rodgers as many offensive weapons as possible. Some have moved on, but they kept the best ones like Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. The only one that could bolt to another team is Cobb who is a free agent after this year, but the Packers better keep him at any cost. Eddie Lacy is the perfect complement out of the backfield. A big bruiser who can catch the ball as well. The only thing to stop the Packers is if Rodgers goes down with an injury or if a defense manages to contain him.


J.J. Does It All

With football there isn’t many players you could say that you must watch. This is the ultimate team sport with over 50 players having to play as one to win a game. Most of the players that you see more of are the quarterbacks. J.J. Watt is perhaps the only defensive player that I look forward to watching. One big reason is he does everything i.e, swat balls, intercept them, sack the quarterback and tackle the running back in the back field. He even catches touchdown passes on offense. He could almost single handedly win a football game for the Houston Texans. The icing on the cake is from all of his interviews and quotes he has given since being in the NFL is that he is an all-around great person. What’s not to like in a guy who doesn’t know what to do when you’ve become a millionaire after getting his $100 million dollar extension before this season.

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