2016 Winter Meetings Recap



Thankfully with a newly agreed upon CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) in place before the annual MLB Winter Meetings took place. We all anticipated an active four days in baseball’s offseason. It didn’t disappoint what with the trade of a perennial All-Star pitcher, record breaking contracts for closers and one team coming away with a smorgasbord of top tier prospects. Oh, this was indeed an eventful get together. Continue reading

2015 Winter Meetings Recap



The talk of the annual Winter Meetings in baseball usually is dominated by one team. Like in the case of last years meetings, the San Diego Padres made many trades that were supposed to help them get back into contention. Those moves didn’t quite pan out and this year they’ve remained quiet. Lots of rumors get floated around and it gets hard to really figure out what is and isn’t true. There were some moves that were made before the meeting took place in Nashville, Tennessee, but we’ll take a quick look at what was accomplished during the four day event. Continue reading