2020 NBA Champions


Well, you could make the case that it was meant to be when the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the Conference Finals with relative ease. On the other side the Miami Heat had an easy time until they got to the Conference Finals, but they certainly deserved to be in this position. If it was under normal circumstances, maybe Miami wouldn’t have made it this far and maybe the outcome would have been different. To me it doesn’t matter since the best team clearly was the Lakers. Continue reading

2018 NBA Champions


This team is just too damn good. That’s not a knock on them for the way they play or how this team was put together. It’s how the NBA operates these days.

You will need to either play perfect basketball every single time you play the Golden State Warriors or you will have to put together a ‘super team’ of your own. Continue reading

2016 NBA Champions



It’s been 52 years since the city of Cleveland won a major sports championship. We all expected the Indians or the Browns to do it, although the Browns aren’t expected to do much in the near future. But since LeBron James was drafted in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, suddenly the Cavs were expected to accomplish the task.

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