Week 14 Review of the NFL


The Most Important Player In The NFL

And you thought that he was going to mail it in this season? My only question with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was going to be how that offensive line was going to hold up. What with an injury to left tackle David Bakhtiari who hasn’t played yet and the free agent loss of center Corey Linsley. Alas, that line has held up well and the rest of the team has been playing up to par. Aside from that strange first game of the season against New Orleans and not having Rodgers in Kansas City due to the asinine covid protocols, Rodgers has been playing as the league’s MVP. And he has been in fact the most important player to any team in the league to boot. You could make the case for almost any other quarterback in the league with respect to how important the position is, but take Rodgers away from Green Bay and this isn’t the same team. The defense even plays at another level knowing they have him out there. I’ll listen to other rebuttals on this, but I will be hard pressed to say it’s anyone other than Rodgers.

He’s The G.O.A.T

You just knew that if Buffalo didn’t score a touchdown in overtime and allowed Tom Brady to get the ball that it would essentially be over. I’ll save you the dramatics and say that’s exactly what happened. Buffalo won the coin toss and went three and out to start overtime. You’ve heard many others say that Brady is the best of all time. It isn’t enough. It pains me to say it, but you can’t argue with the results that he is putting in week after week. Sure, this is exactly what the league has wanted for the last decade with the pass-happy rules they’ve put in place. They want the quarterback to be the most dominant position on the field. I can’t say I blame Brady for wanting to keep playing. If he enjoys it, what’s to stop him? It’ll be business as usual with Brady the rest of the season and most likely another and another and so on.

You’re Fired

When you lose the respect of that locker room you’re pretty much done as a coach. That’s pretty much what happened to Urban Meyer in Jacksonville. When you say publicly that you’re going to take players vaccination status into roster decisions, that’s strike one. When you don’t travel back with your team after a road loss and are caught at a bar with a woman that isn’t your wife, that’s strike two. When you bench your best offensive player in RB James Robinson early in a game and tepidly bring him back late when it didn’t matter. Well that sums it up for me. To make matters worse is Meyer couldn’t even last longer than Bobby Petrino when he abandoned the Atlanta Falcons back in 2007. Urban has had some tumultuous tenures before. At the University of Florida and Ohio State, but yet Jaguars owner Shad Khan thought this would be different. This franchise has had some good moments in their history, but at this point they might as well pack up and move to London and be called the Silly Nannies. Another word of advice for Khan; get rid of Trent Baalke. He won’t be digging up out this hole, he’ll be going further down thinking you’ll find that treasure eventually. If the Jaguars actually hire a competent coach I’ll take a flyer. Until then it’s a hard pass for me.

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