Week 13 Review of the NFL


Time To Face Facts

The New England Patriots are atop the AFC as we get closer to January. Yes, the team that missed the playoffs last season for the first time since 2008 is well on their way back to playing in January. Led by rookie QB Mac Jones and an improved defensive unit, this is the typical Bill Belichick roster in that they all confide in the gameplan from week to week. Take this last game against Buffalo. They only threw the ball 3 times. The result was a victory by rushing the ball for 222 yards and the defense coming up with big stops at crucial points in the game. Their bye week is next as they have the Colts, Bills, Jaguars and Dolphins in succession to finish the season. Don’t be surprised if they are the number one seed in the AFC next month.

No More Perfection

I’ve made the argument that the Detroit Lions have a better roster of players than people give them credit for. To me the worst team in the league is the Houston Texans. With that it doesn’t surprise me that Detroit finally won a game albeit in dramatic fashion. It also doesn’t surprise me that they did it against their division rival the Minnesota Vikings. Just look at the defense the Vikings showed on the final play of the game. This was coming out of a timeout and that’s what they drew up? With Detroit’s run at a winless season now over, it will be interesting to see how they finish. Denver, Arizona, Atlanta, Seattle and Green Bay are their final opponents. I could see a couple more victories for them. And depending on how the standings play out Green Bay could rest a handful of players if they have a bye locked up. This win should be a launching point for head coach Dan Campbell. He’s a likable guy and this team has played well in previous games that they honestly should have won.

They’re Right There

If there’s a team that could still be in the conversation to dethrone the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West, it’s the Chargers. They’ve already beaten them once back in Week 3. After the Chargers play the Giants in Week 14, they’ll play host to the Chiefs the following week. Momentum should be on the Chargers side after their decisive win against Cincinnati. Although they almost blew a 24-0 lead by allowing 22 consecutive points. The offense has looked befuddled at times this season, but if they play like this with QB Justin Herbert showing no sophomore slump they could turn some heads going into January. The defense is playing better as well with proof that Derwin James when healthy is the best player on the field almost all the time. This team is legitimate and should be getting a playoff spot.

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