Week 7 Review of the NFL


We Learned Something From This

Two teams who were undefeated going into the week and they happened to be playing each other. Can’t get any better than that at this point in a NFL season. The Pittsburgh Steelers showed exactly why they are undefeated with their play in the first half. The defense just about shut down the Titans offense and they kept Tennessee’s defense on the field for a large chunk of the half. Then the tables turned themselves in the second half. Pittsburgh started to turn the ball over including at the worst time of the game late in the 4th quarter being up by only a field goal. Tennessee’s offense began to catch fire with a long A.J. Brown touchdown catch and run. If Stephen Gostkowski didn’t miss the game tying field goal it was headed for overtime. By no means does this mean the Titans are a flawed team. They were beat by a better team, but Tennessee should still be a contender going forward. They’ve earned that. Pittsburgh proved why they should be in that conversation for the best team in the NFL right now. They have a relatively easy schedule going forward, but have to play Baltimore twice, Buffalo and Indianapolis. It was a great game and it lived up to the expectations.

It Actually Was A Good Game

This isn’t to say I expected the game to be a dud, but usually what happens with the Sunday night game is it ends up being a snooze fest for matchups like this. That didn’t happen with Seattle and Arizona. When it looked like the Seahawks would take complete control of the game, Russell Wilson throws an interception at the goal line and the momentum swing began. Uncharacteristically Wilson threw 3 interceptions in the game that ended in overtime where the Cardinals got two chances to win it and did on the second attempt. This mind you was after the Cardinals called a timeout during the first field goal attempt in overtime to avoid a 5-yard delay of game penalty. Of course Zane Gonzalez missed that kick, but redeemed himself later with Wilson’s third pick of the game which was worse than his first at the goal line. There were a lot of moments that made you scratch your head and leap out of your seat. It was a welcome surprise for the Sunday night matinee.

What Else Can I Say?

They continue to find new ways to lose just when you think they couldn’t possibly do it. The Atlanta Falcons don’t even have Dan Quinn to blame for this one. Todd Gurley scored with over a minute left when he should have stopped himself at the one yard line. Reason being is because the Detroit Lions who were winning by a point didn’t have any timeouts. Atlanta just had to run out the clock and kick a chip shot field goal for the win. Easy peasy you would think. Of course the inevitable happened. Detroit got the ball and began to move it down the field with urgency and were inside Atlanta’s 10-yard line with 2 seconds left. Matthew Stafford found TJ Hockenson for the game tying touchdown. Then the extra point was made. Atlanta loses yet again in glorifying fashion. I know a lot of people that are die hard Falcons fans. I feel truly sorry for them, but I can’t help but just laugh at what I am seeing transpire this season. This franchise needs to be gutted. There’s no other way.

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