Week 17 Review of the NFL


Home Field

Not to shy away from many of their outcomes this season, the 49ers decided to have another nail biter against the Seattle Seahawks to end the 2019 season. The stakes were simple; the Niners win and they get home field advantage. If Seattle wins, they host a Wild Card game and San Francisco is on the road for a Wild Card game. This game was easily in the 49ers hands for the first half, but in true Seahawks fashion they made it close. Funny enough they had the ball on the Niners 1-yard line late in the game. A bit reminiscent of their Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. Coincidentally they brought back Marshawn Lynch and were primed to hand him the ball this time. Alas they committed a delay of game penalty and that play was taken out of the equation. The Niners made a stop on 4th down and the game was theirs. There should be more of the same in the playoffs with these two no matter who they’re playing.

A Win, Now They’re In

Far too many times I’ve seen a team blow a massive opportunity to simply win one game to clinch a playoff spot. This wasn’t one of those times as the Tennessee Titans took care of business in Houston. Derrick Henry proved once again that he was worthy of that Hesiman trophy at Alabama and took the rushing title for the 2019 season. Ryan Tannehill is now considered the Titans quarterback going forward and this team is in a position to make some noise in the AFC playoffs. If they defeat the defending champion New England Patriots in Foxboro next Saturday, it will be because the Patriots couldn’t stop Henry.

A Surprising Outcome

This was a case of blowing an amazing chance to have a week off. All the New England Patriots had to do was win and they would have a first round bye. That didn’t happen as the Miami Dolphins played spoiler and beat the Patriots in Foxboro. What makes this even more surprising is the fact that Miami was supposed to have won no more than 2 games this season. With this win they finished with 5 wins on the season. This doesn’t mean a gloom and doom outcome for New England as they will still host a Wild Card game, but it will be against the Tennessee Titans who seem to not care who they’re playing these last few weeks. New England looked out of sorts and that doesn’t bode well going forward.

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