Recap of the Divisional Playoffs


Not A Threat

There was snowfall before the game started. I was anticipating an epic playoff game that would be impacted by the weather. It was all for nothing as there was no snow during the game and the game itself got out of hand rather quickly. The Colts didn’t convert a first down until 1:30 left in the first half. Sure it became a bit more intriguing as Adam Vinatieri missed an extra point and a chip shot field goal during the game. I’m not even going to suggest that if those points were converted that somehow they would be back in the game. What I will say is that the Chiefs didn’t let any outside pressure get to them and they played their best game all-around for the entire season. They’ll have to do better in the AFC title game.

Dynamic Duo

Both C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley ran for over 100 yards against the Dallas Cowboys and they couldn’t even slow them down at any point. They knew it was coming and had no answer. Dallas’ defense has been hyped up for most of the season and rightfully so. Just the week before during the Wild Card game they held the Seattle Seahawks rushing attack in check and they’ve been among the league leaders in that category. What was different with the Rams? Simply put the Rams offensive line is better and their use of play-action was flawless. This is the Rams recipe for success and they’ll have to do it again to get to Atlanta.

Taking Care Of Business

I truly expected more from the Chargers in this game. I gave them a good chance to win this game, but it got out of hand in a hurry. Being down 35-7 at halftime sealed it. They never gave up though to their credit. They still played the second half thinking there was a chance. Which recent history says there always is. The Patriots did what they always do in a home playoff game. Brady controls the clock and methodically completes passes to move the chains. Rookie running back Sony Michel showed why he was worth using a first round pick on with his performance. Not having home field could pose a problem for the Patriots, but that’s never stopped them before.

Just Escaped

The defending champion Philadelphia Eagles were up 14-0 early in New Orleans. It looked as though a potential blowout was at hand. Credit to the Saints for a fake punt at their own 30-yard line to keep a drive alive. One that led to their first touchdown. That was the turning point as the Saints would take control of the game, but the Eagles never really relented. At least their defense wasn’t going to. For some reason the offense went stale after the first quarter. Nick Foles accounted for the first two touchdowns (1 pass, 1 run). He wasn’t the same afterwards. Of course the ‘what if’ scenarios played out after the game of what would the result have been had Alshon Jeffrey not dropped that pass? I’m sure the chances were good of another improbable comeback for the Eagles. What I will say is that they made a hell of a run when really no one expected them to even clinch a spot at the end of the season.

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