Week 10 Review of the NFL


They’re Not Slowing Down

So far this season, the Saints have been held to less than 30 points twice. The Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens were the opponents. Even without Dez Bryant at their disposal due to tearing his achilles in practice, they still dropped 51 points on the Cincinnati Bengals. I know this has become an offensive league nowadays, but I believe the 1999 St. Louis Rams are a little jealous of what’s been happening this year. This isn’t a rant against what the Saints are doing. It is quite impressive. Someone will eventually beat them or at least slow them down. It always happens during a long season. I just can’t tell you who it will be. The Saints are passing every test.

Offensive Monsters Of The Midway

I mentioned during my preview of the NFC North before the season started that it wouldn’t surprise me if the Chicago Bears became what the Los Angeles Rams were last year. They hired an offensive coach. Brought in some playmakers on offense to help a young quarterback and already had an established top-10 caliber defense. Oh and just before the season, they traded for a perennial Pro-Bowl pass rusher in Khalil Mack. Surprise, the Bears are currently 6-3 and in first place. I didn’t have them in first or even second place. I had them last to start the year and that’s with Mack. At best they would sneak up on people and make a run for a playoff spot. 8-8 record in my book. There’s no guarantees yet, but after the way their quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has been playing, they could be exactly what the Rams were last year at 11-5.

Why Were They Counted Out?

I’ve mentioned before that James Conner has been playing incredible football as the replacement for Le’Veon Bell during his holdout. I went so far as to say that they didn’t really miss Bell, but that he was still the better back. Now that time has come and Bell has decided to not even sign his tender and report thus forgoing the 2018 season. He’s made his choice and the Steelers don’t seem to have batted an eye. Their recent 52-21 beatdown of the Carolina Panthers proves to me that the Steelers are still a great team and should never be counted out until the final regular season game is over with. The key for them going forward is obvious. Don’t turn the football over. When Roethlisberger throws a ton of picks, that spells trouble for them and their defense isn’t at the elite status, but they can provide stops when necessary. Ball control is the key to any great offense and it shows with the Steelers and the play of James Conner.

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