Week 4 Review of the NFL


Quietly 3-1

There are currently seven teams that are 3-1. Most of them aren’t that surprising, but out of all of them, the Bengals aren’t being mentioned as much. Their quarterback, Andy Dalton threw three touchdown passes this past week against the Atlanta Falcons. Even without their starting running back Joe Mixon, his backup Giovani Bernard ran for two touchdowns in the victory. They seem to have also found a complementary target next to A.J. Green in Tyler Boyd who has 26 catches and 349 yards receiving this season. With Pittsburgh’s struggles early on, it will be tough for them to catch up if the Bengals continue this trend.

Six Is A Crowd

When you throw for six touchdown passes in a game, that’s an impressive accomplishment. When you throw five of them in one half, that’s unheard of. The Bears probably weren’t expecting this kind of a performance out of Mitchell Trubisky at any point in his career, but he is quickly showing that he was worthy of being a top-3 pick a year ago. The most impressive stat to me was that four of his touchdown passes went to different receivers. He isn’t focused on one player and is keeping defenses honest. It also helps that the front office brought in a lot of help on offense to get them to a 3-1 start.

The Next Generation Has Arrived

We’ve been wondering how the next generation of elite quarterbacks was going to look like when Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees would begin to retire. Jared Goff should be at the top of that list after what he’s been doing this year. Take away the acquisition of Brandin Cooks and this Rams offense would still be putting up the numbers they’ve been currently accumulating. Goff changed everyone’s perception about him last season. This year he is actually taking it to another level. The argument could be made that anybody would have success with that kind of talent around them. While valid, you still have to make the throws and read what the defense is giving you. Goff is excelling at that. This is his time to shine.

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