Week 3 Review of the NFL


All By Himself

Normally you would see Drew Brees lead his team on a game winning drive making precision passes and coming up with big plays to keep the drive alive. And at the end he would find the open man for the touchdown. It actually ended with him running it in himself for the game tying and eventual game winning touchdown for the New Orleans Saints. For the game tying touchdown, it should have never happened as two Falcons defenders completely whiffed on the tackle and Brees, in astonishment had a clear path to the endzone. In overtime he simply jumped over the line, stretched out his arms and crossed the goal line. He’s showing his versatility at age 39.


This was not a well played game by any stretch. Even with two quarterbacks playing for the Cleveland Browns in this game, their tackles couldn’t protect either one. Tyrod Taylor couldn’t finish the game and Baker Mayfield stepped in. He was making the throws at key moments of the game, but the highlights didn’t indicate that he was given a lot of time to do that. Yes, the Browns ended up with the come from behind victory, their first in two years. However, if you want to win more games with Mayfield, you need to keep him upright. This will be a huge issue for them going forward.

They’re 3-0?

With the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams both being 3-0 it’s no surprise. With the Chiefs it is a little bit, but their offense was legit with a question at quarterback, but not a glaring one. The Rams on paper are supposed to be Super Bowl contenders and they are showing that. The other 3-0 team, the Miami Dolphins have surprised this ‘Sports Guy’. Their victories have come against the Tennessee Titans, New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. All three are not great by any means, but the Dolphins didn’t blow them out of the water either. What this tells me is that when you actually have a quarterback leading your offense, all the other problems aren’t as magnified. Ryan Tannehill’s health will determine this teams fate.

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