Week 17 Review of the NFL


The Drought Is Finally Over

In the year 1999, that was the last time the Buffalo Bills had made the NFL playoffs. If you also remember correctly, that was the season that the ‘Miracle in Tennessee’ happened for the Tennessee Titans in the Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills. This time around, Bills fans would like to just see their team compete and not lose in that kind of fashion again. They’ll have to do it against the Jacksonville Jaguars on their home turf during Wild Card weekend. The Jaguars had a 10-year playoff drought, but Buffalo rivals that by adding another eight years to it. The game on paper should be a defensive struggle, but one teams offense could explode and hold the advantage.


That is the Cleveland Browns combined record the last three seasons. They finished this year 0-16 and became only the second team ever to do that. They hold the number one and fourth overall picks in the upcoming draft and there is no guarantee they’ll succeed with them having some pretty dismal results with multiple first round picks in years past. The only good thing going for them is that everyone is feeling sorry for them and is starting to treat them like the Chicago Cubs in baseball. The Cubs are no longer ‘lovable losers’ having won a World Series recently and the Browns are looked upon as ‘lovable losers’ in the NFL. Time will always be on their side, but their fans deserve better and this must stop eventually.

Kept Out

Even if the Seattle Seahawks had beaten the Arizona Cardinals to finish the season, they still wouldn’t have made the playoffs with the Atlanta Falcons beating the Carolina Panthers and keeping Seattle out. This will be an interesting offseason for this franchise as they might have some tough decisions to make with keeping some up and coming players on offense and defense as opposed to the franchise stalwarts, mainly on defense taking a few steps back. Can they rely on Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor to return to their All-Pro forms after season ending injuries? Do they extend Earl Thomas after his injury issues this past year? Bobby Wagner is due for a large raise after another under the radar All-Pro caliber year. Money talks in this sports era and it will undoubtedly do that for many of Seattle’s best players. This happens to every team and it’s going to hit them hard.

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