Week 9 Review of the NFL


A Walk In The Park

Here’s the thing. When you score 51 points on an opponent, that usually means one thing; you played a terrible team. That’s true with the Los Angeles Rams and them dropping 51 on the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. The Rams have scored at least 27 points in five of their last six games now. This latest victory would be their third in a one-sided affair. Don’t sleep on the Rams just yet. Sure they still have to deal with the Seattle Seahawks one more time and they did lose to them at home in Week 5. Their remaining schedule doesn’t get easier, but seeing as they are one of only two teams with a perfect record on the road that should give them less pressure to exceed expectations.

Business As Usual

Other than the New Orleans Saints, the Philadelphia Eagles are the hottest team in the NFL. Their now 7-game win streak has them firmly atop the NFC. Their offense is down right scary and their defense seems to be re-energized after the three seasons under Chip Kelly and his fast paced spread offense. When they come back from their bye week, they’ll have a Sunday night showdown with the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. They’ll play them again on New Years Eve and have matchups against Seattle and the LA Rams as well. If the Eagles continue on this current streak, that will show everyone that they are poised to be Super Bowl contenders this year.

Something Is Happening In Dallas

Even if Ezekiel Elliott does at some point get suspended, it shouldn’t matter too much. They do have a pretty good quarterback in Dak Prescott. Somehow that is getting lost in all of this. Sure, Elliott has had an incredible stretch on the Cowboys 3-game winning streak. Prescott has had an equally great run as well. Other than their win at Washington, which was a rainy mess and Elliott was the go-to-guy. That’s not to say he had any turnovers, which he hasn’t during their win streak. All that needs to happen if and when Elliott does miss time is to just let Prescott do his thing. He is more than capable of winning games without Elliott in the backfield.

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