Week 8 Review of the NFL


Yes It’s True, They’re In First Place

By no means am I endorsing them as perennial contenders, but the New Orleans Saints are in first place and have a 5-game winning streak after starting the year 0-2. Drew Brees is still among the best quarterbacks in the league and their defense has been playing much better this year than in years past. Their schedule doesn’t get much easier as they play Buffalo, the LA Rams and Carolina in three of their next five games. The key for them is if they can keep opponents from dropping 30+ points on them, forcing their offense to keep up in a high scoring affair. This should be an interesting team to watch going forward.

When Do They Play New England?

The answer to that question is Week 13. Watching them play, especially on defense, I can’t wait to see how they matchup against the New England Patriots. It will be a home game for the Bills that week. Then they play once more on Christmas Eve in Foxboro. With the deadline acquisition of WR Kelvin Benjamin from Carolina, the Bills offense got a little bit better in the passing game for QB Tyrod Taylor. Buffalo has always been a run first offense with LeSean McCoy and Taylor, but that balance will keep opposing defenses honest. Mark your calendars for the Bills vs. Patriots.

This Game Was Insane

I’m happy that for once this season the actual game was the topic of discussion rather instead of what the players did before the game. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair used the phrase, ‘don’t let the prisoners run the prison’ in a meeting with the league and players. That didn’t go over very well with the players, especially his own team. The Texans did a pregame protest and in my mind I figured the game wouldn’t amount to much. I’m glad I was wrong with the offensive show put on by both Houston and Seattle. Texans QB Deshaun Watson threw for 402 yards and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw for 452 yards. They each had 4 touchdown passes and ran for at least 30 yards. It was like watching a college football game on Sunday. The picture above is no joke. Almost 1,000 total yards. More football and less drama.

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