Week 7 Review of the NFL


Look Who’s On Top

They’re 6-1. They haven’t lost to a division opponent or a conference opponent. Their quarterback, Carson Wentz, is playing at an elite level and they’ve played in some pretty close contests. The Philadelphia Eagles are on top of the NFL and they could be in store for a long playoff run. The only downfall for them going forward would be two things. Either the defense playing at a below average level or they completely abandon the running game altogether. LeGarrette Blount has been somewhat of an afterthought, but he would be fresh when running the football is needed. Watch the Eagles going forward. If they sweep their division, they could be in the drivers seat in the NFC.

The Definition Of A Must Win Game

The Chiefs weren’t in a must win situation, but it would have been nice to beat their division rivals. The Oakland Raiders were in a must win mode with a Thursday night home game against the Chiefs. Both teams were trying to out duel the other through the air. Alex Smith had 342 yards and 3 touchdowns and Derek Carr had 417 yards and 3 touchdowns. The running game was almost nonexistent. The Raiders were down 30-21 going into the fourth quarter. That final drive for Oakland was one of the most intense of the season. Go back and watch the highlights on Youtube. You’ll be glad you did. The Raiders remain in striking distance of a tightly contested AFC West.

Could It All Come Together?

Their young defense is playing at an insane level. They’re tied for first in points allowed, first in sacks with 33, first in defensive touchdowns, second in interceptions and tied for first in forced fumbles. It’s amazing with those kinds of stats that they are only 4-3. The offense isn’t holding them back like in years past. With Leonard Fournette as the workhorse power back, their defense is kept fresh and rested. Injuries aren’t becoming a problem either and that bodes well for this group. The AFC South is quickly becoming a weak division and this is the right time for Jacksonville to rise to the top and take command of it.

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