Week 2 Review of the NFL


Look Who Got A ‘W’

Don’t you think it’s gotten a little ridiculous with the level of panic that surrounds a New England Patriots loss? It was the first game of the freaking season. It wasn’t the AFC Championship game. Tom Brady threw his 3 touchdowns in the first half against the New Orleans Saints and didn’t seem to bat an eye. The defense took advantage of a Saints offense that was playing from behind the entire game. This is pretty much how the Patriots will play going forward to not expose their defense.

The QB Oakland Prayed For

He threw 3 touchdowns and no one seemed to notice. The Raiders are 2-0 and yes, one of their victories was against the New York Jets, but the fact that the Raiders are now perennial contenders is because of their quarterback Derek Carr. He is the reason why I picked them to win the Super Bowl this year. It would also be an amazing story for them to win another title before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. When the Raiders last thought they had a franchise quarterback, it was JaMarcus Russell. Those days are long gone and that’s thanks in large part to grabbing Carr in the second round in 2014.

They’re Still Formidable

In the blink of an eye the Falcons were up 31-7 scoring on an Aaron Rodgers fumble, which happened to be a backwards pass to start the second half. It looked all too much like last years NFC Championship game this past Sunday night. Atlanta plays in a new stadium, but it still has the feel of the Georgia Dome. Unless the injury bug hits them hard, this will be a tough road ahead for the rest of the NFC. Atlanta is playing like they didn’t lose the Super Bowl in epic fashion last year. That is a scary thought.

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