2017 NBA Champions


The Golden State Warriors weren’t going to let it happen to them two years in a row. Have a significant lead in the NBA Finals, only to see it disappear. Last year they were up 3-1 in the series and lost. This year they were up 3-0 and were able to finish the job on home court in Game 5.

After all the talk and back and forth about Kevin Durant leaving to play for the Warriors, he did what he wanted to do and that was win a championship. Deservedly so with the performance he put on in the Finals and frankly the entire playoffs.

The Finals MVP will surely still have his critics get on his case for the rest of his career and want to put an asterisk on this title. I say this is the way the NBA is going to be for the foreseeable future. It all started with LeBron James leaving for the Miami Heat and that was to win championships. The same thing is happening in Oakland.

Before we start to actually toy with the idea of this Warriors team being considered among the greatest of all-time, let me pose this observation. This Warriors team minus Kevin Durant had a 3 games to 1 lead on this same Cleveland Cavaliers team last year. They just needed to win one more game to win the title. Is it wrong for them to try to get one of the best players in the game to try and win that title?

Was it wrong for Kevin Durant to leave and try to finally win that title? My point with the Warriors is that they certainly should be considered among the best teams of all-time. However, they’re style of play is almost unstoppable because of the way the NBA has changed. Having that many shooters on the floor at one time was unheard of 10-20 years ago. That style won’t be going away anytime soon and a lot of teams are already gearing up for that style going forward.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors. They will certainly be the favorites again next year, with or without Kevin Durant. I’m assuming he will stay continuing the trend that LeBron James has started with his return to Cleveland. Lets wait for the rematch in 2018.

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