Week 13 Review of the NFL



I Like The AFC West

Whether it’s the defending champion Denver Broncos, the exciting Kanasas City Chiefs or the resurgent Oakland Raiders, this division has a lot to offer. Even the San Diego Chargers have some exciting games with the fact that they always manage to make it interesting. Those 4 teams will have a prominent matchup going forward the rest of the way. Week 14 has Oakland at Kansas City. Week 15 has Oakland at San Diego. Week 16 has Denver at Kansas City. And to cap off the season you have Oakland at Denver and Kansas City at San Diego. If the playoffs were to star now, all except San Diego would be playing football in January. Thinking about it now would bring even more intrigue to the AFC playoffs because of the historical rivalries in the West. Buckle up for an exciting finish.


It’s All Good

It turns out that the Detroit Lions have a pretty good defense right now. Normally New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees has his way with the opposing teams defense. That wasn’t the case against Detroit. He did throw for over 300 yards, but also threw 3 interceptions and didn’t throw a single touchdown. The Lions offense also helped out by keeping the ball for over 36 minutes of the game. This was also the first time of the season that Detroit had a lead going into the fourth quarter. One win at a time and the Detroit Lions could be hosting a playoff game for the first time since the 1993 season at the Pontiac Silverdome.


It’s Really A Sad Story

You go from nearly winning a Super Bowl to almost getting your team to another the next year, only to see yourself get benched for a 1-win franchise. To be fair he has only played for one franchise and that’s the San Francisco 49ers. I’ve said it a few times that I have no idea what happened to him. And I still don’t know what it could be. One thing that I do know is that he apparently has his priorities in a different order, but that’s on him and no one else. He talks about what he sees is a problem with America, the American flag and what it represents to him. That’s fine and he is more than entitled to his own opinion. I want more speech, not less speech. Especially if I disagree with them. He apparently doesn’t practice what he preaches though with his admission that he didn’t vote. Even though that is one of the best ways to bring about any meaningful change you want to see happen. He also has a problem agreeing with the fact that recently deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is a bad hombre. Either way you look at it I am not going to lecture you or Colin Kaepernick about what you should or shouldn’t say. He has differing opinions than myself on those two topics I mentioned. We might agree on some things, but we don’t have to agree on everything. All I ask is that you stay informed and don’t just take one point of view. Branch out and come to your own conclusions. At least for his sake he is practicing one of those traits. I look forward to seeing a 30 for 30 documentary in the next decade about how good he was in such a short amount of time.

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