Week 11 Review of the NFL



The Ultimate QB Conundrum

Earlier in the season I had said that the Cowboys should put Tony Romo back as the starting quarterback when he was healthy. I also said that it would be a tough choice, but ultimately it would be theirs to make. Well, they made the choice to stay with Dak Prescott as the starter. So far it isn’t looking like a bad choice. With the way Dallas has been playing all year with Prescott at the helm, I understand why you wouldn’t make a change. This coming Thanksgiving will give the football world another opportunity to see how he does playing division rival Washington. Every team will tell you they’d like having two capable quarterbacks on their roster, but every team doesn’t want to have this kind of a decision to make.


The Return Of The Every Down Back

I had said that when LaDainian Tomlinson retired, that it was the end of the every down back. Well I’m starting to eat those words with the way Le’Veon Bell is playing, particularly this year. Now if he can somehow avoid suspensions and any major injuries, he could be considered among the best of all-time. He has only played in 7 games this season and has 53 catches for 415 yards. He has 579 rushing yards in those 7 games which brings his total yards from scrimmage total to 994. Think about what his totals would be right now if he wasn’t suspended for the first three games. Depending on how the rest of this season goes and if he can stay on the field, we could be seeing the resurgence on the every down back.


‘Hail To The Redskins’

Say what you want about the Redskins being able to destroy a depleted, sad looking defense in Green Bay this past Sunday. That was an impressive display of air power by Kirk Cousins. He clearly showed why he was able to help clinch the NFC East last year for them and why he should be rewarded with a lengthy contract extension if Washington wants to stay relevant in today’s NFL. Not only did the passing attack destroy the Packers, but an undrafted running back in only his third NFL game ran for 137 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Rob Kelley might become a house hold name in D.C. if he keeps that up. If they can defeat the rival Cowboys on Thanksgiving day, that will raise some eyebrows across the NFC as to whether the Redskins can repeat what they accomplished in 2015.

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