Week 2 Review of the NFL



A Tale Of Two Seasons

Someone told me that Dallas Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott reminds them of a poor man’s Russell Wilson.

They certainly are similar in their style of play, but Prescott is quickly becoming his own version when he was the star quarterback at Mississippi State. Just ask the New York Giants and Washington Redskins what they think of him. The Cowboys are 1-1, but could have been 2-0 if they beat the Giants in Week 1. Dallas’ future looks pretty good once Tony Romo departs.

Every time a new NFL season starts I secretly want the Washington Redskins to do well. It’s not for the simple reason that it would drive people crazy having to not say their nickname, but mainly it’s for the fact that they have been a solid football team up until Daniel Snyder bought them. Seeing them play this poorly after two games is a bit disconcerting. Everyone is reporting some disfunction in the locker room. It sounds ridiculous after only two games, but this happens way too much under Snyder’s watch.


One Big Snooze Fest

The analysts were certainly playing this up like it was going to be the biggest rivalry game of the entire season. It usually is, but the Bengals vs. Steelers matchup this past Sunday did not live up to the expectations. There was some decent back and forth action and Ben Roethlisberger throwing a couple picks at inopportune times gave the Bengals a chance. They couldn’t do anything though and thus the final product was a dull Week 2 game. Maybe and hopefully the rematch will be much better when the guy who kind of renewed this rivalry in last years Wild Card game, Vontaze Burfict is back from suspension.


I Don’t Know The Rules Anymore

If you ask me what the rule book says when it comes to defining a catch in the NFL, I could probably recite it almost exactly how it’s written. Even with that knowledge I saw two catches, yes they’re still catches in my book, during the Chiefs – Texans game. One was by a Chiefs player (pictured above) who had clearly caught the ball, made a football move (whatever the hell that means) and the ball was then knocked out by the Texans defender. The refs said it was a fumble, but the automatic review said it was an incomplete pass. Okay? Another play happened with the Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins making a great catch in the endzone with his full possession and his knee coming down in bounds before he slid out of bounds. The refs said it was incomplete. Houston challenged it and they were denied a touchdown. Again, I thought I knew what defined a catch in today’s NFL, but I have no freaking clue anymore.

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