Week 1 Review of the NFL



To Go, Or Not Go For 2?

For some strange reason that was the question, but there really was no hesitation for Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio. He went for two points instead of the 30+ yard extra point. The Raiders ended up winning the game 35-34 over the New Orleans Saints because of that decision. Now had the Raiders not converted that two-point conversion everyone would be questioning his decision to go for two. Again, why question it when it’s his ass on the line? I actually wish more coaches would go for two in those situations. It brings more excitement at the end of the game and even though kickers are missing the extra points more often now, the likelihood of them making it is much higher than missing it. That game was an offensive showcase and the Raiders added more to it.


No Brady, No Problem

Even if somehow Tom Brady were to not play for a big part of the season, the Patriots still need him to win another Super Bowl. Jimmy Garoppolo was good, but he will not be leading this team to a Super Bowl anytime soon. He did make mistakes that gave new life to the Arizona Cardinals. He looked stagnant at times, but he did ultimately get the win and will be playing for the next three games until Brady is allowed to return. To me what was more impressive is that he was able to put points on the board without Rob Gronkowski to throw the ball to. Julian Edelman’s value has increased ten fold and acquiring Martellus Bennett was a smart move. The Patriots are a smart team and the next three games are at home so that should bode well for Garoppolo’s tryout.


The Sneaky Good Game Of The Week

Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdown passes and Blake Bortles threw for over 300 yards. Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon had decent games, but nothing spectacular. The final score will tell you that it was a close game (27-23). What it won’t tell you is that the Jacksonville Jaguars came very close to defeating the Green Bay Packers. A final drive that resulted in a turnover on downs by Jacksonville ended what would have been an impressive win for a Jaguars team looking for an identity. Green Bay will need to shore a couple things up on defense, but otherwise they are solid contenders. Jacksonville has a sneaky good passing game, but not having Chris Ivory healthy for this game was most likely the difference. Having that time of possession advantage is critical and they did by about three minutes. However, Ivory’s bruising style has a big effect on a defense. If the Jaguars had won this game it would have gotten more attention. Watch a game recap or brief highlights of it because it was one of the best games to watch.

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