Life, One Chapter at a Time



There are thousands, perhaps millions of people that write about life on a daily basis. I can see how it is a therapeutic process for some while others use it as a way to give back and give others advice.

I’m writing today more as a way to put myself at ease. To be grateful that I have a platform to write about what I love and that’s sports.

I have kept telling myself that things will get better as long as you continue to put in the work that is required.

Nothing and I repeat nothing is free. It must be earned and there is always a price.

Believing that one individual, other than yourself, can solve all your problems is naive and wishful thinking.

If you want to think that I’m talking about the current presidential election, so be it, but it can be anybody. 

You are your own worst enemy, but you are the key to your own success.

Faith is a powerful tool. Believing that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Love yourself and pass it on to another person. Giving someone that kind of encouragement is the biggest reward.

Live with honor and integrity. No matter your status in life, if no one can trust your word, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Whatever my legacy ends up being, I can attest before you here and now that I gave it my all.

I don’t know what the next 30 years have in store for me, but I can’t wait for it to begin.

Have honor, love one another and keep the faith.

You have it in you to do amazing things.

Thank you for reading.

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