NFC and AFC Championship Game Recaps



Back At It

Someone told me that this NFC Championship game would go down as one of the greatest of all-time. I’m not gonna go that far. To describe it accurately would be to call it sloppy. There were seven total turnovers and five of them by the Seattle Seahawks. How did Seattle end up winning this game? Well, thanks in large part to a few missed opportunities by the Green Bay Packers who caused those five turnovers by Seattle. Scoring only six points in the second half didn’t help and neither did settling for two field goals inside of Seattle’s five yard line in the first quarter. Of course we will focus on the fact that if Green Bay had recovered the onside kick, the game was over at that point with Seattle only having one timeout left. The game as a whole was a missed opportunity. The ending saved it, but looking back we won’t remember everything about this game. Only the “what could have been” moments.

NFL: AFC Championship-Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Could Things Be Different This Time?

New England is essentially just like the Denver Broncos were last year, except the Patriots have a pretty good rushing attack that could pose a problem for Seattle. Tom Brady proved once again that if given time he will dismantle your defense and lull you to sleep with the bruising running back LeGarrette Blount. The Indianapolis Colts found that out the hard way with their horrid performance, specifically in the second half. Things certainly could have been different for the Colts, but their defense just couldn’t stop New England when they had to. Deflated footballs or not, the Patriots proved they were the better team, but can they shake that Super Bowl rust they’ve had for quite some time? We’ll unfortunately have to wait for two weeks to see the answer to that question and what it will do to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s legacies.

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